YouTube Channel NOW Live!

youtube logo full color YouTube Channel NOW Live!

We are very excited to announce that the US Budokai Karate Association YouTube Channel is now live! The channel is a video library of basic blocks for new students, all kyu rank katas and basic self-defenses. It is our goal in providing this resource that students use it as a review tool and not as a replacement for classes.

Please visit and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel at US Budokai Karate Association YouTube.

We also have “Playlisted” the material by rank US Budokai Karate Association Playlists.

We will continue to add video to this library and sincerely appreciate your feedback as we continue to develop this valuable resource.  A big thanks to Senpai Kellie Carpenter, Senpai Michael Favreau and Senpai Eric Phelps for their time in demonstrating.  Thank you to Senpai Jacob Esposito for the videography.

We sincerely hope you the video resource enhances your training with US Budokai!!

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