Kyoshi Susan Warzek

US Budokai Instructor Awarded Kyoshi Title

Our new Kyoshi!

March 2021 marked the 34th Anniversary of US Budokai Karate and (on the 11th) Renshi Sue’s birthday!  To mark this occasion, Hanshi felt that something special should be done for Renshi!

In Hanshi’s words …

It is pretty obvious and apparent what an exceptional martial artist and teacher Renshi is! In all my years of being involved in the martial arts, I have never seen anyone more dedicated and committed to the study of the arts. She constantly is dedicated, motivated and on a quest to be her best. Not only is she a seventh dan in karate but she holds senior dan ranking in daito-ryu (a form of jujutsu) as well as senior dan ranking in iaijutsu ( the art of drawing the sword)! She trains just as diligently in both these arts as she does in karate and she’s been running an iaijutsu program at the dojo for years. She still regularly visits her senseis in both arts to continue learning and perfecting her skill and knowledge.

In light of her continuing and unwavering devotion to the martial arts, I feel it is warranted and richly deserving of her to have a new title. Effective immediately she will now be known as Kyoshi Warzek!! This will give her a bit of elevated status to the learned martial arts world and it is a recognition that is richly and thoroughly deserved! While the title of Renshi (meaning polished expert) is most certainly honorable, the title of Kyoshi can only be given to a 7th dan or higher. Kyoshi indicates a master who is a teacher of teachers. We know that Kyoshi can absolutely teach!!

So next time you’re in the dojo, stop and offer congratulations to your new Kyoshi! Don’t worry if you slip up and keep callin’ her Renshi for a while. Like every worthwhile new thing, it’ll take some gettin’ used to but it’ll make her smile (and maybe she’ll make you do a few extra pushups)!

Russ Jarem
Hanshi Russ Jarem, 8th degree black belt

Susan Warzek
Kyoshi Susan Warzek, 7th degree black belt
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