Team Budokai – Season Start Sunday 9/27!

joey tourn team 683x1024 Team Budokai   Season Start Sunday 9/27!

The 2015-2016 martial arts competition season will begin Sunday 9/27 from 11:00am – 1:00pm. Participation in this worthwhile program is greatly encouraged for all dojo students. We support tournaments that provide competition for all ages and abilities in a reputable and sportsmanlike setting.

We believe that students should periodically compete in tournaments as they provide excellent training motivation. Performing in kata (forms), kumite (sparring), kobudo (weapons), breaking or self-defense events are excellent ways for a student to gauge his or her progress. Members who attend Team practices are expected to compete in at least two (2) tournaments during the season and must demonstrate seriousness about competition. There are many local opportunities to choose from.

kayleigh tourn team 300x200 Team Budokai   Season Start Sunday 9/27!

Fall Schedule

All Team Practices are 11-1 in Clifton Park unless noted

Sep 27 Team practice
Oct 3 Massachusetts State Breaking Championships, Chicopee, MA
Oct 4 Team Practice
Oct 11 Team Practice
Oct 18 518 Martial Arts Karate Tournament
Oct 25 Team Practice
Nov 1 Team Practice
Nov 7-8 Hall of Fame Breaking Championships, Glastonbury, CT
Nov 15 Team Practice
Nov 22 Team Practice
Nov 29 Thanksgiving Weekend No Practice

If you have any questions about Team Budokai, please inquire at the front desk! Osu!