IMG 3044 280x190 31st Annual Black Belt Clinic

Sunday March 4th saw the 31st gathering of US Budokai Karate black belts at clinic.  Held annually on the first Sunday of March this year’s event gathered over 60 black belt members ranging from new junior shodans (first degree) black belts to rokkudans (seventh degree) black belts. This year’s clinic presented four hour long classes […]

Hanshi Patrick McCarthy Seminar Hanshi Patrick McCarthy Seminar

We are honored to host Hanshi Patrict McCarthy – 9th Dan – for a two day seminar! Contact us for details!

Krav Maga Self Defense Woman Krav Maga is Modern, Close Quarters Self Defense

Krav Maga is roughly translated from Hebrew to mean “close quarter fighting.” It is a highly effective martial art that utilizes a combination of strikes, grapples, throws, locks and holds. Krav Maga originated from street fighting techniques of Jewish gangs defending themselves in the tough ghettos of Bratislav in the 1930s. Krav Maga was developed […]

Men Martial Arts2 Martial Arts for Adults and Teens

U.S. Budokai Karate of Clifton Park houses some of the finest Martial Arts classes in the Clifton Park area, Southern Saratoga County area. Our instructors lead with a high quality curriculum under the guidance of Martial Arts instructor Russ Jarem. Together they have designed, implemented, and tested a top tier Martial Arts training system appropriate […]