Kyu Promotional 7/14/21

We congratulate all the new kyu (colored belt) ranks who advanced during testing last night!! A hot summer evening of storms was met with even more electricity here at the dojo!! The Kiai’s were charged with energy and we are proud to say everyone performed at their best!! OSU! Belts and Rank Certificates will be Read More

The Budokai Way develops not only the martial artist’s physical skills but a strong character defined by honor, dignity, pride, and respect (HDPR!) Class discussion will be had in all Junior level classes over the next week to talk about what exactly these traits mean. Honor – having a set of values and sticking to Read More

What is T-Shirt Season? From Memorial Day through Labor Day US Budokai students may wear our dojo Summer T instead of the traditional long-sleeve gi tops with their gi pants.  The majority of students prefer this lightweight shirt for summer training. T-Shirts are limited edition and available for pre-order now ONLY!! Each year a new Read More

Kyoshi Susan Warzek

Our new Kyoshi! March 2021 marked the 34th Anniversary of US Budokai Karate and (on the 11th) Renshi Sue’s birthday!  To mark this occasion, Hanshi felt that something special should be done for Renshi! In Hanshi’s words … It is pretty obvious and apparent what an exceptional martial artist and teacher Renshi is! In all Read More