April Promotional Results

The results of the April 14, 2021, promotional have been announced!  Nearly 70 candidates successfully tested and were advanced following promotional examinations Wednesday evening.  Students were put through kihon (basic techniques), katas, self-defense, and sparring requirements. Promotional is the perfect opportunity to rise to the occasion!  Of note was our Junior White/White Kyu group who Read More

1st Place Lily Heffernan

On February 13, 2021, the Winter Kata Challenge began, and all students 14 and under were encouraged to practice kata daily until Spring 2021.  On March 20th, the Kata Challenge Champs emerged!!   FIRST PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS to Lily Heffernan who achieved an incredible 1,111 kata practices during the competition.  Notably, Lily also earned her black Read More

Black Belt Test Weekend

The weekend of March 20-21, 2021 marked not only the welcome of spring but an accomplishment few attain but all admire a black belt. Join us in congratulating TEN new shodans, first-degree black belts to US Budokai Karate! SHODAN Don Fawthrop, Ivan Stebletsov, Trent Bruce, Aidan Smith, Kayla Smith, Veronica Smith, Lily Heffernan, Marissa Guetti, Read More

Sixteen Black Belt Candidates

Black Belt Testing Weekend brings with it the culmination of many years of training for sixteen worthy black belt candidates! Eleven of those candidates will be testing for shodan (first-degree black belt) or jr. shodan (under 13). A black belt is seen as the epitome of karate training and to many, the goal, the end Read More