Renshi Rick 7th Dan

Renshi Rick Brisee’s martial arts journey began nearly four decades ago in a Kyokushin dojo back in 1982 but it was in 1986 that Renshi joined US Budokai and began to forge his own path to 7th degree black belt.  Renshi tested and was awarded sichidan (or sometimes referred to as nanadan) by Hanshi Russ Read More

US Budokai JR/Teen Black Belt’s demonstrated before a crowd of over 2000 including family and friends at the Tri-City Valley Cats last Thursday 8/19 between the raindrops!! The demo team performed a quick demonstration of basic skills including Taikyoku 1 in synch and a dynamic criss-cross kicking finale! Great job Team! Check out these video Read More


What is belt striping?  Kyu (colored belt) ranked students must earn “stripes” for various skills and knowledge on their way  to the next belt rank.  Beginning with the October 2021 Kyu Testing, students will need to earn FOUR STRIPES (instead of three) to be eligible to test for the next rank. The colored stripes designate Read More

Kyu Promotional 7/14/21

We congratulate all the new kyu (colored belt) ranks who advanced during testing last night!! A hot summer evening of storms was met with even more electricity here at the dojo!! The Kiai’s were charged with energy and we are proud to say everyone performed at their best!! OSU! Belts and Rank Certificates will be Read More