Unplugged Ninja

Leadership students at US Budokai Karate build positive habits! Finding a balance for healthy screen time is an important building block for good habits but can also be challenging for parents. In this week’s extra credit challenge (Discipline Challenge #5), for five days in a row, students must turn off all screens by 7 pm! Read More

Summer 2022 T

WHAT IS T-SHIRT SEASON? From Memorial Day through Labor Day US Budokai students may wear our dojo Summer T instead of the traditional long-sleeve gi tops with their gi pants.  The majority of students prefer this lightweight shirt for summer training. T-Shirts are limited edition and available for PRE-ORDER ONLY NOW – THURSDAY MAY 6TH Read More


The achievement of a fifth-degree black belt, known in karate as the rank of Godan, is extraordinary on its own; for five members of the same school to achieve such an elite rank is unheard of.  But that is exactly what transpired on Saturday, November 6, 2021 when five sensei’s, who embarked on their martial Read More

Team Budokai

Team Budokai participated in the Saturday, October 30th 518 Martial Arts Tournament in Wilton, NY!  Competitors participated in kata, weapons, sparring, and breaking! CONGRATULATIONS COMPETITORS ON THESE TERRIFIC RESULTS! Katie Powell 1st place kata, weapons, and sparring! Louie DiGrigoli-Crannell 1st place kata and breaking events! Hudson Treacy 1st in weapons and 3rd in breaking.  (Congratulations Hudson Read More