1st Place Lily Heffernan


On February 13, 2021, the Winter Kata Challenge began, and all students 14 and under were encouraged to practice kata daily until Spring 2021.  On March 20th, the Kata Challenge Champs emerged!!

1st Place Lily Heffernan
1st Place, Lily Heffernan


FIRST PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS to Lily Heffernan who achieved an incredible 1,111 kata practices during the competition.  Notably, Lily also earned her black belt on 3/21/21! Certainly, all that extra kata practice paid off in not only winning 1st place in the Winter Kata Challenge but in her phenomenal testing performance!! Way to go Lily! In addition to the Gold Medal, Lily also wins a heavy-weight uniform with embroidery and patches!

2nd Place, Robin Basile
2nd Place, Robin Basile

SECOND PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS go to Robin Basile who completed an amazing 683 kata practices!!  A standout student who is consistently hardworking and dedicated there is no doubt that Robin is on a quest to be her BEST! In addition to the Silver Medal, Robin also wins bag gloves and a US Budokai sling bag!

3rd Place, Iris Heffernan
3rd Place, Iris Heffernan

THIRD PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS Iris Heffernan who topped 600 kata practices with a total of 601; an outstanding achievement!! A junior blue belt Iris’ shows without a doubt that this is a black belt school where anyone can make a “black belt” achievement regardless of rank!!  Along with the Bronze Medal, Iris wins a US Budokai barrel bag and sticker!!

Is it a coincidence that Lily, Robin and Iris all emerged in the Spring with the flowers and the birds?? Certainly something to think about!!

All students who participated received a Stewart’s Sundae Gift Card as a rewarding treat!  Setting goals and remaining dedicated is what US Budokai is all about and brown belt students Elijah McCarty and Prishita Shah are no exception with over 400 katas each!! Great effort everyone who participated!! Osu!


______________________No. of Kata

4th Elijah McCarty  – Brown Belt       465

5th Prishita Shah – Brown Belt          420

6th Abe Ryan – White Kyu                  384

7th Ethan Gardner – Brown Kyu        283

8th Jackson Laviolette – Blue Belt       160

9th Nick Bailey – Black Belt                  150

10th Ali Yousofzai   – Green Kyu         130

11th Isaac Herman  – White Belt       105

Under 100’s

Mikayla Guest, Anthony Conover,

Preston Benjamin, Elizabeth Finkbeiner,

Gianfranco Conover, Noah Hunter, Declan Pendergast,

Mason Boespflug, Marcus Cherry,

Ty Copage

Remember the best prize is PROGRESS!




Russ Jarem

Hanshi Russ Jarem, 8th degree black belt

Susan Warzek

Kyoshi Susan Warzek, 7th degree black belt

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