Karate for Retirees

A new fitness and karate class for men and women 55 and older is starting on Monday April 8th at US Budokai Karate – Clifton Park, NY at 215 Guideboard Road (next to Salty’s).

The “Golden Lions” program is perfect for retirees looking to maintain and improve their quality of life with slow movements, lots of stretching and age-appropriate karate skills.  Members will also benefit from greater safety and self-defense awareness.

The class will be led by owner and Master Instructor Russ Jarem.  Hanshi Jarem, 68 years young, is a certified physical education teacher and has been instructing karate for over 45 years.

Classes will be formatted with members’ current fitness in mind such as past injuries, joint concerns, etc.  Inherent in the program is the potential for continued physical, mental and spiritual growth.

One hour classes will be held on Monday and Thursday mornings at 9am.  Please telephone 518-383-0484 or email inforequest@usbka-cp.com for further details and to enroll in our no obligation trial!