Karate is Preserving History

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Black belt candidates US Budokai Karate of Clifton Park give written and oral presentations prior to belt examinations.  Recent second degree black belt candidate, Peter Sharma, researched and presented on Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura and reflected upon his own part in preserving the history of karate.

peter 1 225x300 Karate is Preserving History Some excerpts from Peter’s paper:

“My training in US Budokai Karate is more than just a journey of mind, body and spirit but is also a small, yet significant indication of history.  The lineage of Okinawan Karate can be traced back to the Buddhist monks in India, through the religions travels in China, its journey into Okinawa through Sakagawa Kanga, right down to the Hanshi that I learn from every night I come to class.  One part of karate that not many students think of is: preserving history.  Every technique, every kata, every stances and every phrase has been passed down from those before our time, and in turn their knowledge and wisdom has allowed karate to last and to continue on for generations.”

US Budokai Karate is a descendent of Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura’s Seido Juku Karate.  In his paper, Peter aptly points out: “The concept that Nakamura was emphasizing was that karate should be available to everybody. When he was instructing, many students would get injured during sparring and never returned.  Kaicho was upset with the idea that the weak would never learn how to be strong with their mind and body, as they would have to start out strong in order to survive sparring.  The system created in Seido allows all types of people to learn the methods and practice of karate, no matter how tough or able a person is.” – By Peter Sharma

IMG 4675 e1573167965177 225x300 Karate is Preserving HistoryKaicho Nakamura’s  World Seido Karate organization remains strong as its is influence on modern karate:  The ultimate goal of karate is to develop a person into the best version of themselves.  At US Budokai Karate we strive to make the art and its benefits accessible to all! We will help you get on a quest to be your best!

Hanshi Russ Jarem, 8th degree black belt
Renshi Susan Warzek, 7th degree black belt

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