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Honor, dignity, pride and respect form the cornerstone of our teachings at US Budokai Karate.  The lessons apply to all ages but are specifically geared to help our youth develop strong character.

HONOR – Our students learn to have a set a values and to stick to them.  By living up to his or her own standards a student learns to have an obligation to themselves.

DIGNITY – Students learn to carry themselves with seriousness and self-control.  The more we exercise our ability to self-regulate the stronger that ability becomes across all areas of life.

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PRIDE – A high opinion of one’s worth and importance. A sense of satisfaction that comes from doing your best.  Students are regularly challenged in classes to meet and exceed their own expectations.

RESPECT – To show regard and consideration for others.  Also, a feeling of understanding that something is important and should be treated properly.  Karate begins and ends with respect but the ideas of courtesy and politeness extend beyond the school walls.  Showing courtesy is the best exercise for our character and creates an everyday pattern of behavior.  When courtesy and respect are a habit, there is fertile ground from which all virtues can grow.