“Empty Hands for Morgan” FUNDRAISER EVENT 10/21/17

empty hand Empty Hands for Morgan FUNDRAISER EVENT 10/21/17

“Empty Hands for Morgan” Fundraiser Event at the Dojo 10/21/17

We train in Karate-Do (way of Empty Hand) to make ourselves stronger, more confident, disciplined, and respectful. We also train in this art to bring strength and aid to those in the throes of misfortune. No one needs our help more than Morgan Lee Waite. Morgan is battling fiercely and courageously in her effort to rehabilitate from her tragic accident.


All members of U.S. Budokai Karate will have the opportunity to raise their arms for Morgan in a united display of strength, love and support. The Clifton Park Dojo will be hosting an “Empty Hands for Morgan” Fundraiser on October 21st, 2017. Students will be enthusiastically encouraged to perform up to 5,000 empty hand techniques of blocks, punches and strikes to motivate, encourage, and lift Morgan’s spirit and resolve. Each student will be asked to pledge $ .01,.02, .05, .10, or more for each technique performed. All funds raised will go directly to the Morgan Waite Medical Fund.


Details of the event are as follows:

1) Students will commit to performing 500, 1000, 2500, or 5000 hand techniques on October 21st.

2) The number of techniques performed will depend on age, physical condition, and realistic ability of executing solid techniques non-stop for the prerequisite amount pledged.

3) Students will pledge to raise or donate $ .01,.02, .05, .10, or more for each technique performed.

4) Students will sign up in advance for the amount of techniques you will be trying to complete. The event will start at 10 AM, but there will be different time slots staggered accordingly for the lower to higher amount of techniques.

5) Pledge slips will serve as sign-up for the event—please return NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, 10/14—ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

6) Collected funds will be turned in on the day of the event! Checks should be made payable to: Morgan Waite Medical Fund



EVENT WILL BEGIN 10AM on SATURDAY 10/21. Sign in will be from 9:30-10AM at the front desk.



We are extremely fortunate that we have the health and  ability to participate in an event like this. Let’s pass this energy, spirit and love onto Morgan so she can stay as strong as she can possibly be! OSU!!!

Please contact U.S. Budokai Karate for further information at 518-383-0484 or via email: budokaioffice@gmail.com.

Empty Hands for Morgan 1 232x300 Empty Hands for Morgan FUNDRAISER EVENT 10/21/17