CAPTAIN Coin Drive and Budokai Belt Battle

Back to School is around the corner!

While back to school season is exciting for most, it can also bring anxiety for many families in our community. Some students are focused on learning new material, but some families are focused on how they can afford the materials required for learning.

As many of our families know, Back to School shopping has become increasingly complex. With schools requiring specific supplies for each course and kids constantly growing out of clothes and shoes, the cost at this time of year can add up very quickly. Bullying has become prevalent in so many of our children’s lives; having old or even no school supplies to start the school year can be extremely stressful for a child and make them a target of bullying. This can foster negative feelings towards school and education in general for the students with less financial support than those of their more fortunate peers.


We at Budokai strongly believe every child should be afforded the opportunity to be excited about returning to school. This is why US Budokai chose to donate all the funds raised in the Budokai Belt Battle to CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services back to school event. Each year CAPTAIN ( holds a school supply event that lets children in need choose new school supplies for the beginning of the year. Having less stress before the school year opens the door to excitement about school. With the future generation excited about learning and expanding their minds, anything is possible!


We are so proud to be a part of Team U.S. Budokai! With dignity for ourselves and respect for others, the dojo combined to raise $700 for Captain Youth and Family Services in just 7 days!! We are overwhelmed by the amount of selflessness shown in our dojo, and we appreciate everyone who donated to this amazing cause! Every rank made an excellent showing, and we couldn’t be more proud of Team U.S. Budokai. Thank you, students and families, for your support. We hope this can be a stepping stone in contributing to a legacy of giving back to our community here at U.S. Budokai Karate.

Back to School 300x178 CAPTAIN Coin Drive and Budokai Belt Battle