Can’t Break This Streak!!

Haley PA Cant Break This Streak!!

This weekend Team Budokai traveled to Scott Township PA for the Keystone State Breaking Championships.

Haley Miller placed first in creative wood, power hand, power elbow and power foot.  Haley is learning a great deal about the power events and she did a great job improving her power elbow

butstruggled with a new set up on her power foot.  She has learned breaking is really about competing against your own personal best.

Arika Struzinsky placed first in creative, power elbow and power foot and second in power hand and double power hand.  She set her own personal best of 13 in the stomp!
Even Shihan Dai Kyle and Sensei Tanya decided to do one event.  Shihan Dai Kyle placed first in unspaced power stomp  in a very unusual break leaving the top board unbroken!
Sensei Tanya  placed second in power elbow.
Congratulations Team Budokai on your continued success!
PA team pic 225x300 Cant Break This Streak!!
The next tournament’s are the North American Breaking Championships on April 14 in Wallingford, CT and the Ontario Breaking Champions in Port Hope, ON
cleardot Cant Break This Streak!!