Tiny Tigers Karate roared ahead on Friday night with our first spectator-attended event since before the pandemic!! The excitement of kids and parents alike was over-the-top!! Great job on respect, focus, effort, and determination Tigers!! This event was only the beginning of parent “re-engagement” in the dojo.  Parents have been and always will be the Read More

The results are in! Congratulations on your karate promotional achievement!! Students across every promotional test gave their best!! With each success, students gain confidence in themselves and the ability to achieve more than they thought possible!! WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WHITE BELT AND A BLACK BELT … one thing only? A BLACK BELT IS… Read More

TINY TIGERS HAVE STRIPES!! Tiny Tigers are awarded “stripes” for working hard and demonstrating skills that are important to their physical and emotional development in karate! Orange stripe = basic blocks and kicks Gold stripe = stepping forward in zen + basic blocks and kicks Green Stripe = First Form (Taikyoku 1) first 8 moves Read More

The US Budokai Karate Association YouTube Channel is a wealth of information and a great way to stay connected to the Dojo! All Junior & Tiny Tiger level classes are live-streamed so parents can stay in tune with their child’s transformation.  Subscribe and tune in LIVE!! AND DID YOU KNOW?  The YouTube channel is a Read More

Renshi Rick 7th Dan

Renshi Rick Brisee’s martial arts journey began nearly four decades ago in a Kyokushin dojo back in 1982 but it was in 1986 that Renshi joined US Budokai and began to forge his own path to 7th degree black belt.  Renshi tested and was awarded sichidan (or sometimes referred to as nanadan) by Hanshi Russ Read More