Leaders need to be able to communicate with confidence.  Confident communication happens when your child’s confidence is greater than their fear of being in front of others! We have witnessed a big improvement in overall confidence and communication with Leadership students! How do Leadership students advance?  Leadership will be ranked similarly to our karate belt Read More

US BUDOKAI KARATE – Tiny Tiger Spring Testing saw 5 students advance!! CONGRATULATIONS! Kids of all ages respond to reward systems and US Budokai Karate Tiny Tigers are no different.  In order to provide further positive reinforcement to Tiny Tiger students the next round of testing will include all current students who have a minimum Read More

US BUDOKAI KARATE LIFE SKILL: DISCIPLINE! LEADERSHIP PROGRAM LAUNCHES! Leadership is a life skill all martial arts schools profess to teach but US Budokai is taking this even further with a personal development program for kids and teens!  Within a framework of martial art skills, our program is specifically designed to challenge kids to engage Read More

Summer 2022 T

WHAT IS T-SHIRT SEASON? From Memorial Day through Labor Day US Budokai students may wear our dojo Summer T instead of the traditional long-sleeve gi tops with their gi pants.  The majority of students prefer this lightweight shirt for summer training. T-Shirts are limited edition and available for PRE-ORDER ONLY NOW – THURSDAY MAY 6TH Read More

Wear your gi with pride!

US Budokai Karate is founded on these four pillars of virtue:  Honor, Discipline, Communication, and Respect.  “HDCR!!”  These character traits set the Gold Standard! It is our goal to work diligently to support your child’s character development beyond the dojo walls.  With your help, we will strive to ensure that your child’s character is developing Read More