Demo Squad Two

On May 1st two squads of US Budokai Jr/Teen Black Belts performed karate demonstrations at the Halfmoon Local Business Fair.  The skies were cloudy but it was a great day of comradery outside the dojo for the first time since quarantine and by the end of the afternoon the sun was shining along with all Read More

What is T-Shirt Season? From Memorial Day through Labor Day US Budokai students may wear our dojo Summer T instead of the traditional long-sleeve gi tops with their gi pants.  The majority of students prefer this lightweight shirt for summer training. T-Shirts are limited edition and available for pre-order now ONLY!! Each year a new Read More

Kyoshi Susan Warzek

Our new Kyoshi! March 2021 marked the 34th Anniversary of US Budokai Karate and (on the 11th) Renshi Sue’s birthday!  To mark this occasion, Hanshi felt that something special should be done for Renshi! In Hanshi’s words … It is pretty obvious and apparent what an exceptional martial artist and teacher Renshi is! In all Read More

Congratulations new Orange Stripe Tiny Tigers! We began accepting new Tiny Tigers into our program in the Fall of 2020 after being closed for several months due to the COVID quarantine.  We were unsure how our littlest members would respond to all our new rules and protocols so we were cautious before inviting new members Read More

1st Place Lily Heffernan

On February 13, 2021, the Winter Kata Challenge began, and all students 14 and under were encouraged to practice kata daily until Spring 2021.  On March 20th, the Kata Challenge Champs emerged!!   FIRST PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS to Lily Heffernan who achieved an incredible 1,111 kata practices during the competition.  Notably, Lily also earned her black Read More