TINY TIGER PROMOTIONAL SUMMER 2022 Amazing effort, energy, and enthusiasm from our Tiny Tigers at Summer Testing!! These 4-6-year-olds have improved so much in the last few months.  We can’t wait to see where this journey takes them!! CONGRATULATIONS! Highlights of the Promotional can be viewed here! Tiny Tigers teaches 4–6-year-olds basic karate skills in Read More

Summer Promotional 2022

SUMMER PROMOTIONAL 2022 at US Budokai Karate for JR/Teen/Adult Members was our biggest promotional ever!! Congratulations to all who advanced during the Summer 2022 Promotional!  Hanshi Jarem commended the groups – especially beginner white belts – on their effort, energy, and enthusiasm!! The 3 E’s of success! Students rose to the challenge of testing with Read More

Unplugged Ninja

Leadership students at US Budokai Karate build positive habits! Finding a balance for healthy screen time is an important building block for good habits but can also be challenging for parents. In this week’s extra credit challenge (Discipline Challenge #5), for five days in a row, students must turn off all screens by 7 pm! Read More

Leaders need to be able to communicate with confidence.  Confident communication happens when your child’s confidence is greater than their fear of being in front of others! We have witnessed a big improvement in overall confidence and communication with Leadership students! How do Leadership students advance?  Leadership will be ranked similarly to our karate belt Read More

US BUDOKAI KARATE – Tiny Tiger Spring Testing saw 5 students advance!! CONGRATULATIONS! Kids of all ages respond to reward systems and US Budokai Karate Tiny Tigers are no different.  In order to provide further positive reinforcement to Tiny Tiger students the next round of testing will include all current students who have a minimum Read More