“Being Empty Handed”

Thai Chi2 Being Empty Handed

Karate Kanji 172x300 Being Empty Handed

Submitted by Hanshi Jarem, the following is an excerpt from Living Karate – The Way to Self Mastery by Masayuki Shimabukuro

Karate-Do is the art of mastering yourself. To master yourself is to identify, understand, and ultimately subdue every area of your life in which you are self-ish and embrace, develop, and enhance all those aspects of your personality in which you are self-less.

When you have mastered yourself to the degree that you no longer use selfish character traits as a “weapon” against others – when your actions are based mainly on the positive, selfless aspects of your personality – then your spirit is “empty-handed,” and you have truly mastered Karate-Do. When you can face adversity “empty-handed” in both the physical and spiritual senses, then you fully understand Karate-Do No Igi, the meaning of karate.