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US Budokai Karate Of Clifton Park Back To School Program

Children Learn The Most When They Don’t Realize They Are Learning!

The 3 Words Most Kids Dread: Back To School!

That much anticipated time of the year again is upon us, back to school time! Although, your child(ren) may not be as excited as you are for school to be starting again. For most, they just enjoy the leisure life that often is brought about by summer, which can open the door to lazy habits to form. In other cases, children can struggle in new environments. Any number of reasons may cause this, but bringing them out of the slump can be difficult!

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When children learn technique the possibilities are tremendous of what they can accomplish; not only in Martial Arts, beyond it as well! Consider the back to school program from US Budokai Karate Of Clifton Park. Our Instructors provide excellent knowledge and teach valuable life skills through our Martial Arts Program! Classes are high energy and fun, most of all translate into in the school room!

Let’s Discuss A Few!

  • Attention & Memory

    Sharpen and enhancing these abilities will heighten your child’s performance both academically and socially

  • Physical Fitness

    Martial Arts is not about fighting, it is about the anticipation and knowing how to handle real life scenarios

  • Social Awareness

    Learning to treat others with respect, learning self defense and raising their self esteem

  • Inspiration & Motivation

    Children look up to those they trust, rp_Full_School_Name_rp great instructors inspire their students to achieve that which they don’t see as possible

  • Self Confidence

    Martial Arts encourages children to believe they can instead of making students feel like they have to

  • Courtesy

    A key part of Martial Arts is respecting your peers, instilling courtesy at a young age is a very special trait to have growing up

We Recently Heard:

Our kids really enjoy the Summer break. Who doesn’t? So, every year we dread trying to get them back in the swing of a routine before the new school year starts. Getting out of bed on time, eating good foods and getting away from the TV and video games are all some of the habits that we need to break before school starts. The US Budokai Karate Of Clifton Park Program is the perfect solution. Their martial arts classes provide the self-discipline, structure and type of environment that kids need. I would encourage all of you parents out there to try it out. It has worked wonders for our family.
-Kelly P.

Don’t Hesitate!

Start on the Path to a Better Student

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