Attention Old Timers!

Happy New Year to you all! The onset of a New Year always brings the desire to set goals and meet new challenges. The older you get, the more important this becomes. As we age, sometimes we have a tendency to “settle in” and tone things down a notch. In reality, we should be looking forward to new adventures in the years ahead. We now have more time, we’re certainly wiser (right?!), and we haven’t yet filled our bucket list! Perhaps you want to get a college degree. Maybe embark on a new career. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to achieve a Black Belt in karate but you feel that it’s too late!

Despair not and no longer lament that you are too old to reap the marvelous benefits of training in the martial arts. I will soon be starting a karate program specifically tailored to the 55 and older crowd. These classes will be totally geared towards those of us who aren’t quite as nifty and nimble as we used to be, but still have the desire to be in great shape and learn how to keep ourselves and our family safe. This “Golden Lions” program will be personally taught by me, an old timer myself! Classes are tentatively scheduled for Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:00AM. All prospective new students will be given TWO FREE WEEKS of classes to slowly limber up the ole bones and experience for yourself the excitement of karate training.

Perhaps many of you have seen your kids or grandkids doing karate and you’ve thought, “I could never do that.” I will prove to you that indeed you can, and I will help you tap into potential that you never realized you had!

Make initial inquiries via our website, call 518-383-0484, email or feel free to talk to any of the U.S. Budokai Staff Members. If you have any questions or concerns at all about your ability to train in karate, go right to the horse’s mouth and speak with me! Here’s to exciting years ahead studying karate-do (way of the empty hand).

Hanshi Russ Jarem
Master Instructor 8th Degree Black Belt