31st Annual Black Belt Clinic

IMG 3044 1024x439 31st Annual Black Belt Clinic

Sunday March 4th saw the 31st gathering of US Budokai Karate black belts at clinic.  Held annually on the first Sunday of March this year’s event gathered over 60 black belt members ranging from new junior shodans (first degree) black belts to rokkudans (seventh degree) black belts.

IMG 3037 300x112 31st Annual Black Belt Clinic

This year’s clinic presented four hour long classes taught by Hanshi William Reid, Hanshi Russ Jarem, Renshi Dave Sumner and Renshi Susan Warzek.  Lessons were focused on practical self-defense, application/bunkai, and flow drills.

Black Belt Clinic is an opportunity to learn and grow as a student.  Black belt is not the end of a journey but rather just the beginning.  After achieving black belt students realize that they have learned enough skills to become true students in the art and now embark on a journey of self-discovery and deepening of martial knowledge.

Thanks to all who attended and added their spirit and sweat to this awesome event.  Osu!