Karate for all Ages

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At US Budokai we realize that different ages learn differently and as a student progresses new challenges need to ensue.  Karate students of varying ages and abilities can get easily lost in an all ages and all ranks class structure. Our full menu of programs and class offerings ensures that each student receives the best instruction at every level.

Tiny Tigers Karate offered on Tuesday and Thursdays at 4:30pm and Saturdays at 9:00am teaches basic martial arts skills in a fun and engaging class while emphasizing character development such as respect, focus and self-discipline.   Youngsters get prepared for the challenges of Kindergarten and beyond!

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Our Junior Karate program for 6-11 year olds is offered in 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Initially students have 4 classes to choose from to attend a minimum of 2 classes per week for continued progress.  As a student progresses more class times become available.  Bully prevention and developing young leaders is our goal through building confidence, respect, discipline and concentration with fun and engaging challenges.

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A unique offering at US Budokai is our program specifically for teens.  Teen Karate (11+) – By teaching perseverance through any obstacle we aim to boost self-esteem at this critical age and provide the tools to face the challenges that lie ahead.   Offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:45 this is a great way to empower your teenager with confidence and strength for life!

Martial Arts schools today often offer a watered-down version to adults.  At US Budokai we are extremely proud of our traditional program for adults taught by master level instructors.  We offer not only an opportunity to get fit but to grow as an individual.  Change and growth are never easy but we offer a path to becoming something better – through mind, body and spirit.  Martial arts may be the missing piece to a more balanced, healthier life at any age.

We are committed to making a better world, first by raising the expectations of ourselves! Won’t you join us?!