Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

US Budokai Karate Leadership students met on Friday 1/13 to culminate our Bottle Drive effort! Who will be the lucky charity? We are happy to report that RESPECT Supersession was a “Charitable” Success!! 49 participants named 21 charities and everyone made confident, convincing, and persuasive presentations on behalf of their selected organization.  Great job Leadership! Read More

CONGRATULATIONS LEADERSHIP!! Leadership has been going strong since May and we have our first Leadership Patch Awards!! Please wear your Leadership Patches proudly on your right sleeve – Leadership Patch on top and colored chevron below!!  

CONGRATULATIONS!! Phenomenal job new stripe belts!!!

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PERSEVERANCE!! KEEP IT UP!! OSU! The dojo was packed last night with nervous anticipation!! Students rose to the occasion and persevered through the ups and downs of testing!! Most important is the attitude exhibited by all to never give up!! YES I CAN!!

1st Place

The Northeast Open is the premier open martial arts tournament in the Capital District Area.  It is the highlight of the season for Team Budokai!!  Congratulations Team on your hard work and success at the 2022 Event! With over 300 competitors in 8 rings, the competition went all day!! News 10 Highlights the 16th Northeast Read More